Currently offering Vinyasa and Deep Stretch

Vinyasa - 1 Hour

Wednesday 12:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am

This class has a little something for everyone.  Class begins with some breathing development, followed by a slow building warm up, and before you know it you will be full on in the practice. Poses are held longer than a typical 'flow' class, giving students an opportunity to really learn the pose by feeling as opposed to rushing through it. Designed to invigorate the whole body from top to bottom, with a reasonable cool down period, you will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment in final rest. 

This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, child's pose is always there for you!

Deep Stretch - 75 Minutes

Friday 6:30 pm

Let gravity do the work!  Deep Stretch is a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve flexibility, or feeling tight from a sedentary workday or recovering from a vigorous workout. Class begins with some brief movement to warm up the body and then transitions to floor postures that are held for a few minutes at a time. These poses focus heavily on grounding to remove strain from the skeletal structure and gently release tension in the muscles.  The long holds provide an excellent opportunity to develop quiet inner reflection and awareness of breath.

This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, and the slower pace makes for a great starting point for anyone new to the practice.